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Nov 18th, 2016 - written by Kimserey with .

Last week I showed you how to fix the error adb server version doesn't match... with Xamarin.Android when trying to deploy an application built in Xamarin.Studio to a Genymotion VM. This was caused by two different versions of ADB being installed on the machine. One installed during Xamarin installation and another one installed separately. The solution was to set the ADB path in the options of Genymotion. I thought all was good but turns out there was another issue.

1. Problem

When running adb shell, I had the following error in bash:

adb server is out of date killing...

2. Solution

Again the problem was due to my machine having two adb versions and the adb location in $PATH was the wrong one. In order to check verify that, I ran echo $PATH and saw that the path was incorrect. In order to rectify that, I modified the ~/.bash_profile which is the script executed on each start of bash by removing the wrong path and adding the correct one.

vim ~/.bash_profile
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/kimsereylam/Library/Developer/Xamarin/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools

After doing that, running adb shell was all good!


Today we saw how we could fix adb server is out of date killing which was happening because of a wrong adb path in $PATH. Make sure the location of ADB is the same in Xamarin.Studio, Genymotion and bash $PATH! Hope this helped! If you have any question, leave it here or hit me on Twitter @Kimserey_Lam. See you next time!

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