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Sep 18th, 2016 - written by Kimserey with .

This post will explain how to fix the errors appearing in Xamarin Studio after recent update: The version of Xamarin.iOS requires the iOS 10.0SDK when the managed linker is disabled. Error executing task Codesign: Required property 'Sigingkey' not set. I recently started to play with Xamarin.iOS and am still at the beginner level - I don’t know anything about developping apps on iOS. But so far I have been able to play around and deploy to the xcode simulator until yesterday.

Yesterday I updated Xamarin Studio and was welcomed with an error preventing me from compiling my Xamarin.iOS project.

The error said was the following:

error image

I had to do some googling and lookaround the settings to get that sorted which took me about half to an hour. Today I would like to share that with you so that you won’t need to do the search that I did.

The steps to fix this are the following:

 1. Update Xcode to latest
 2. Add an apple account to Xcode and check the iOS development setting

## 1. Update Xcode to latest

Basically what it said was that iOS 10 had something changed which required to have some sort of certificate. I am totally unsure about the details, like I said earlier I don’t know much about iOS but this error seemed to indicate that I needed to upgrade XCode.

So I went straight the App store and updated XCode.

update xcode

Once it completed I launched it to accept all the agreement and restarted Xamarin Studio.

But that was not done yet, next I was welcomed with another error message:

error image 2

2. Add an apple account to Xcode and check the iOS development setting

What it said was that a SigningKey property was not set. It seems like from iOS10, it is required to log in with your apple ID and create a signing identity.

In case you wondered, yes it is free to create a signing identities - this is not related to enrollment to apple developer program.

So first head to XCode > Preferences > Accounts > + to add account > View details > Create iOS Development.

xcode sigingkey

Once you restart Xamarin Studio and recompile, you should be able to publish to the simultator again.


Happy coding!

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