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Jun 4th, 2021 - written by Kimserey with .

As software developers the second application we spend the most time on after our text editor is our web browser. I have been using Chrome browser for years and only recently realised how often I was clicking around with the mouse to change tabs, pin tabs, or simply searching for options. Since then, I learnt few shortcuts that I now use daily, some shortcuts built-in and others brought by extensions. In this post I’ll go through the shortcuts.

Window and Tab Management

  • CMD+T open a tab
  • CMD+ALT + LEFT/RIGHT switch between tabs
  • CMD+L focus on navigation bar to quickly type a new address, paste or copy url
  • CMD+SHIFT+F toggle tool bar when in full screen
  • CMD+W close current tab
  • CMD+R refresh the current tab
  • CMD+[ navigate back in history
  • CMD+] navigate forward in history
  • CMD+SHIFT+T open recently closed

Not a Chrome shortcut but a MacOS shortcut:

  • CMD+TAB to toggle app from Chrome to text editor
  • CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT toggle between desktops

Provided from the extension Keyboard Shortcuts to Close Other/Right Tabs:

  • ALT+SHFT+P pin tab - pinning tab reduces the space taken by a tab and prevent accidental close
  • ALT+SHIFT+O close all other tabs except pinned tab
  • CMD+F toggle search
  • ENTER navigate to next match
  • CMD+SHIFT+G navigate back to previous match

Dark Mode Everywhere

Provided from the extension Dark Reader:

  • ALT+SHIFT+D toggle dark mode

Chrome Devtools Shortcuts

  • F12 open debugger console
  • CMD+SHIFT+C toggle search element
  • CMD+SHIFT+M toggle mobile
  • CMD+SHIFT+P toggle command menu
  • CND+SHIFT+P toggle sources panel to search for file
  • ESC toggle drawer

And that concludes today’s post!

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