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Unions In Typegraphql

Jan 28th, 2022

Following up our previous post on generic types, we created a ServiceResponse<T> type which had a statusCode: string field to differentiate between the responses. In Typescript, a common pattern to differentiate between success and error is to create a union. In today’s post, we will see how we can leverage typegraphql to translate Typescript unions into graphql schema unions.

Generic Type In Typegraphql

Jan 21st, 2022

Last week, we looked at how typegraphql was supporting inheritance, translating it into a proper graphql schema. Today we will look at another common feature of Typescript, generic types and how they can be translated properly into a graphql schema.

Inheritance In Typegraphql

Jan 14th, 2022

When working with typegraphql, we expect our models to be translated properly into a graphql schema. Inheritance is one of the feature supported by classes in Typescript. In this post, we will see how we can use inheritance in both objects and resolvers with typegraphql.

Introduction To Metamask

Jan 7th, 2022

With the web transitioning to a decentralized internet, new systems and applications are being built. In order to access them, we need tools that interact with the next version of web, web 3.0. In today’s post, we will take a look at Metamask, a gateway to the decentrailized internet. We will look at what functionalities it provides and how to use it.

Json Stringify

Dec 31st, 2021

When doing web development, we often use JSON.stringify to print to the screen the value of a variable. But when the variable contains multiple attributes, the print could be quite dense. To cater for that JSON.stringify has extra parameters that can be specified. In today’s post, we will look at each of them with example.

Exploring Query Statements In Kusto Queries

Dec 24th, 2021

In the last post, we looked at scalar operators in Kusto queries. To complete this mini series on Kusto queries, today we will be looking at useful query statements with examples.

Exploring Scalar Operators And Functions Kusto Query For App Insights

Dec 17th, 2021

Last week we looked at tabular operators in Kusto queries. In today post we will look at the most common used scalar operators and functions with some examples.

Exploring Tabular Operators Kusto Query For App Insights

Dec 10th, 2021

Kusto query is the query language used to query App Insights logs with Azure DevOps. In today post we will look at the most common used operators with some examples.

Winston Logger With Typescript

Dec 3rd, 2021

Winston logger is one of the most popular logger for node application. In today’s post we will look at how we can configure and use Winston.

Dependency Injection In Typescript With Typedi

Nov 26th, 2021

TypeDI is a dependency injection library for Typescript. It makes use of decorators to ease the registration and injection of services. Today we’ll look at how we can use TypeDI in multiple scenarios with code samples.

How To Debug Typescript Node Application With Vscode

Nov 19th, 2021

In today’s post we will look at how we can enable the debugger with a Typescript Node application which uses nodemon and ts-node with the goal of being able to breakpoint in VSCode our Typescript Node application.

Manage Your Monorepo With Rushjs

Nov 12th, 2021

Rush is build orchestrator facilitating management of Javascript and Typescript monorepos. In today’s post we will look at the common functionalities used in daily development making developers life easier.

Define Graphql Schema With Typegraphql In Typescript

Nov 5th, 2021

Last week we looked at how to setup an Apollo server to serve graphql requests. We went through the setup by defining a TemplateStringArray for the schema and defining functions in an object map for the resolvers. In this week post, we will look at how to simplify this two areas by leveraging Typescript features using typegraphql package.

Get Started With Apollo Server In Typescript

Oct 29th, 2021

Apollo server is a GraphQL server quick and easy to setup. In today’s post, we will look at how we can kick start a new Apollo server with a simple graph in Typescript.

Python Dataclass

Oct 22nd, 2021

A data class is a class which is identified by the value stored in their attributes. The most common way of holding values in Python is via tuples. Data classes make is easier to construct a class with a name and meaning while keeping the value aspect in term of equality. In today’s post we will see how we can define data classes using the dataclass decorator from the dataclasses module.

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